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PowerOne’s advocacy services are free of charge.

PowerOne’s energy advocates cut through the clutter and confusion of the competitive energy landscape, providing our customers with an easy way to find the best deal. We work with the most aggressive energy suppliers in each market and allow THEM to compete for your business. Our energy advocates will find the best rate and supply contract for your lifestyle and can even lock in savings for years to come, eliminating the worry of rising energy costs. Best of all, PowerOne provides its advocacy services free of charge to consumers.


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There are so many reasons to choose PowerOne.

Lowered Energy Costs
Aggressive competition between electricity suppliers has the power to generate price bids at extremely competitive levels, and you can keep the same rate for years!

Deregulation gives you the flexibility to renegotiate for better terms as your energy needs change.

Dependable Service
Switching suppliers does not switch your service provider. Your local utility remains in charge of the transmission and distribution of electricity and gas, and you will continue to receive the same dependable service as always.

Secure Services
The transmission and distribution of energy remain regulated and secured by government bodies in each individual state.

The Power to Choose
The ability to choose from alternative suppliers gives you control of your energy supply. Deregulation lets you select from an array of energy options, rates, and terms.

Keeping It Green
Today’s consumers are demanding cleaner energy from eco-friendly sources. Energy suppliers across the nation have adopted heightened standards of environmental cleanliness and efficiency.


We keep it simple

You are just a few steps away from savings!

The current economy has homeowners looking for new ways to keep a lid on expenses. Rising energy costs have become an expensive problem. Fortunately, industry competition gives consumers more alternatives to save on natural gas and electricity. Are you a residential consumer trying to balance a household budget? PowerOne has answers to help lower your electric bill and keep that low rate for years. Let PowerOne’s expert energy advocates show you how to lock in at a lower rate with no change in quality of service. Here’s how:

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Home ownership is hard enough as it is, we can help you bring down your energy rates each month.
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