CHICAGO, Jan. 18, 2016 — PowerOne Corporation, an aggressive, growth-focused energy company,
announced that is moving its California-based marketing, sales and accounting/finance departments to
new offices in Santa Ana, California. The new space will provide operational and aesthetic benefits that
support the company’s current growth initiatives.

“We are entering the final phase of our business plan, which calls for the exponential expansion of our
customer base,” noted Jeff Moses, PowerOne’s CMO. “Operations have to run leaner to maximize every
dollar we invest in customer acquisition and energy. Our new California facility will allow us to get more
productivity out of our team, which is very close-knit and dedicated to our company’s success. The new
offices are sleek, modern and highly functional. This space is a visual representation of PowerOne’s
commitment to become a premier provider of competitive energy in the U.S.”

The new office space, located in a prestigious office park just north of the 405 freeway in Santa Ana,
California, is just minutes away from John Wayne Airport and the heart of the Orange County business

“The executive team is very excited about this move,” stated George Wahbeh, president and CEO of
PowerOne. “Our CFO, Dennis Locke, has done a terrific job in securing a beautiful new facility that
represents a significant step up for PowerOne. And he’s done it without increasing our facilities and
operations budget. We know our employees will love their new work environment, and visitors will
certainly be impressed by the clean, purpose-built nature of the space.”

About PowerOne
PowerOne Corporation is a power company that provides its customers with discounted electricity and
natural gas through its own supply contracts and through its network of competitive energy retailers.
Headquartered in Chicago, the company is positioned to grow with the competitive energy market and
gain market share through better pricing, superior service and effective marketing strategies. Please
visit for more information.